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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishretrialre‧tri‧al /ˌriːˈtraɪəl, ˈriːtraɪəl $ ˌriːˈtraɪəl/ noun [countable]  SCTa process of judging a law case in court againretry The jury was dismissed and the judge ordered a retrial.
Examples from the Corpus
retrialHe had been tried jointly with another businessman, Jeffrey Smith, who was eventually cleared at a retrial.The players will face a retrial on charges of serious assault in October.District Attorney McKittrick has asked the judge for a retrial.The civil division of the Court of Appeal enjoys much wider powers to order a retrial than the criminal division.The 27-year attorney has said that the second Menendez retrial may be her last.One jury will decide the retrial.I am sorry about what happened ... He told the judge that he would not be instructed for the retrial.For the retrial, there is no agreement; the brothers were defended at taxpayer expense.The retrial is in the rebuttal phase.