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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishreversionre‧ver‧sion /rɪˈvɜːʃən $ rɪˈvɜːrʒən/ noun [singular, uncountable] formal  1 CONTINUE/START AGAINa return to a former condition or habitreversion to the country’s reversion to a traditional monarchy2 lawSCL the return of property to a former owner
Examples from the Corpus
reversionEngines are their trays of components are then brought together into the assembly area and a reversion of the tear-down process commences.Beckham's arrival brought a reversion to a more familiar 4-4-2 with the substitute on the right wing.the reversion of Hong Kong to Chinareversion toOur task is to guarantee that there will be no reversion to the past totalitarian regime.