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rulerule2 ●●● W2 verb  1 government [intransitive, transitive]GOVERENMENT to have the official power to control a country and the people who live theregovern Queen Victoria ruled England for 64 years. African tribal societies were traditionally ruled by a council of elders.rule over Alexander the Great ruled over a huge empire. He announced that henceforth he would rule by decree (=make all the important decisions himself).see thesaurus at control2 control/influence [transitive]CONTROL if a feeling or desire rules someone, it has a powerful and controlling influence on their actions the passion for power and success which rules her life3 court/law [intransitive always + adverb/preposition, transitive]SCT to make an official decision about something, especially a legal problemdecreerule that The judge ruled that she should have custody of the children.rule on The Supreme Court has yet to rule on the case.rule in favour of/against somebody/something The tribunal ruled in her favour.be ruled illegal/unlawful etc This part of the bill was ruled unconstitutional. ruling14 rule the roost5 rule somebody/something with a rod of iron6 somebody/something rules7 draw a line [transitive]LINE to draw a line using a ruler or other straight edge Rule a line under each answer. overrule, → let your heart rule your head at heart1(2) rule something/somebody ↔ out→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
ruleAnybody who could sew had a collection on show and fashion ruled.Ashley's life was ruled by her addiction to drugs.At that time, Persia was divided into several provinces, ruled by local khans.They were ruled by powerful clans.In 1860, Italy was a collection of small states ruled by princes and dukes.India was ruled by the British for a very long time.The Pol Pot regime ruled Cambodia from 1974 to 1978.Henry VIII ruled England from 1509 to 1547.Mary, Queen of Scots, only ruled for six years.Golding said that, before she reaches any conclusions, she wants a full briefing on the court ruling from Gwinn.Paper ruled into one-inch squares is used to practice writing Chinese characters.Speculation that the Dolphin Centre could be used has been ruled out by Mr Boyle who says it would be too expensive.This does not rule out evolution by mutation and selection.Why weren't they ruled out of order before they transgressed?Spain ruled over Portugal from 1580 to 1640.Motamid had died, leaving his son Mostain to rule over Saragossa.Voting six to three, the court ruled that this ultimate threat violated states' rights.While they ruled, the country remained isolated from the rest of the world.The Medical Examiner's office ruled the death a murder.Marcos ruled the Philippines for 20 years.He ruled three lines under the title of his essay.She divided the page into four by ruling two diagonal lines across it.rule by decreeArticle 38 permits the government to rule by decree.The powers allow it to rule by decree and declare a state of war.Mr Gorbachev may well use his powers to rule by decree to push the reform through.rules ... lifeTheir torment is kept hidden, but rules their lives.be ruled illegal/unlawful etcPublicly the banks have suggested that there could be dire consequences for the City should the deals be ruled illegal.A further 40,000 boat people still waiting to be screened will almost certainly be ruled illegal as well.