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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishshallshall /ʃəl; strong ʃæl/ ●●● S1 W1 modal verb (negative short form shan’t)  1 shall I/we ... ?2 I/we shall3 formal or old-fashionedWILL used to emphasize that something will definitely happen, or that you are determined that something should happen The truth shall make you free. I said you could go, and so you shall.4 formalSCL used in official documents to state an order, law, promise etc All payments shall be made in cash.
Examples from the Corpus
shallNo such authorization shall be given without the manager's written consent.If you can advise me I shall be very grateful.I shall come to you for advice, said Liz.I shall consider briefly how these historical changes have affected patterns of support between family members.We shall have even less time than before to enrich the curriculum with a range of imaginative exploratory activity.Some are political, and to these we shall return in a moment.We shall see how this affects the question of determinism in these theories.As we shall see in the next chapter, many of these practices are still in use.Being Prime Minister was' the most enormous privilege ... and one I shall treasure.But here again it appears that poor Michael was, shall we say, not fully briefed.