Topic: LAW

Language: Old English
Origin: sceal


modal verb
shall S3 W1 negative short form shan't

shall I/we...?

spoken used to make a suggestion, or ask a question that you want the other person to decide about:
Shall I open the window?
Shall we say 6 o'clock, then?
What shall I get for dinner?

I/we shall

especially British English formal used to say what you will do in the future:
We shall be away next week.
I shall have to be careful.
I've never liked her and I never shall.
We shall have finished by Friday.
3 formal or old-fashioned used to emphasize that something will definitely happen, or that you are determined that something should happen:
The truth shall make you free.
I said you could go, and so you shall.
4 formalSCL used in official documents to state an order, law, promise etc:
All payments shall be made in cash.

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