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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishstatute lawˈstatute law noun [uncountable]  SCLthe whole group of written laws established by a parliament, council etccommon law
Examples from the Corpus
statute lawConsequently, case and statute law was made which prevented distribution of capital invested.No formal, authoritative documents set forth these rules, and they find no embodiment in statute law.Despite the recent advent of statute law in this area, there remains no statutory definition of what constitutes insider trading.But in the field of statute law the judge must be obedient to the will of Parliament as expressed in its enactments.The principle applies not only to taxing statutes but all forms of statute law.Judicial interpretation of statute law can be overridden by a new act of Parliament.Unpalatable statute law may not be disregarded or rejected, merely because it is unpalatable.