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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishstatute of limitationsˌstatute of limiˈtations noun (plural statutes of limitations) [countable]  lawSCL a law which gives the period of time within which action may be taken on a legal question or crime
Examples from the Corpus
statute of limitationsThey imposed a new, six-month statute of limitations, which few people, fired, without a job, could meet.But a judge dismissed the criminal case a few months later, because the statute of limitations had expired.But appeals, deals and the expiry of the statute of limitations whittled the number in jail down to fewer than 10.Persson said he was prepared to review the question of the statute of limitations on war crimes and acts of genocide.In some cases, however, prosecutors may have thought about the five-year statute of limitations problem and done something about it.In the overall case, the four-year statute of limitations on alleged fraud, theft and financial elder abuse expires in February.By then, the three-year statute of limitations may have expired.