Topic: LAW

Date: 1400-1500
Language: Old French
Origin: Latin, from submittere; SUBMIT


sub‧mis‧sion S2
1 [uncountable] the state of being completely controlled by a person or group, and accepting that you have to obey them
force/frighten/beat etc somebody into submission
Napoleon threatened to starve the country into submission.
in submission
His head was bowed in submission.
2 [uncountable and countable] when you give or show something to someone in authority, for them to consider or approve:
The deadline for the submission of proposals is May 1st.
Plans were drawn up for submission to the housing council.
Submissions will not be accepted after May 1.
3 [uncountable] formal an opinion or thought that you state:
It is important, in my submission, that a wider view of the matter be taken.
4 [countable] lawSCL a request or suggestion that is given to a judge for them to consider

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