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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsubpoenasub‧poe‧na1 /səˈpiːnə, səb-/ noun [countable]  lawSCL a written order to come to a court of law and be a witness
Examples from the Corpus
subpoenaIn separate votes, the panel agreed unanimously to issue 43 subpoenas.Only two of the 51 subpoenas focus on Republican wrongdoing.Clinger also issued Thomason a subpoena demanding any records pertaining to the travel office case.A subpoena to them, I suggest, is bound to uncover a good deal of information, including doctors' names.He then handed me two grand-jury subpoenas, one to produce physical evidence a blood specimen and one to testify.That course would doubtless prompt an application by the P.C.A. to set aside the subpoena on grounds of public interest immunity.The commission said it could revive the subpoenas if the editors failed to cooperate with the inquiry, which opens this week.Another three of the president's advisors were subpoenaed.If you refuse to attend the trial we can always get you subpoenaed.