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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsumming-upˌsumming-ˈup noun (plural summings-up) [countable]  SCTSUMMARIZEa statement giving the main facts but not the details of something, especially made by a judge at the end of a trial In his summing-up, the judge said that it was dangerous to convict on this evidence alone. sum up
Examples from the Corpus
summing-upThat number was the final summing-up.There was truth in his harsh summing-up.She had been right in her summing-up of him.In his summing-up, the judge said it was for the jury to decide if Christopher How had been dishonest.The year-end ones were the worst, heavy with the finality of a judicial summing-up.After a rather unnecessarily long and elaborate trial, Justice Day's summing-up was refreshingly brief.Moreover both counsel would shortly before the summing-up have reminded the jury of the burden of proof.It took fifteen days to try: the summing-up lasted for a day: the jury returned thirteen special verdicts.