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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsummonssum‧mons1 /ˈsʌmənz/ noun (plural summonses) [countable]  SCLSCTan official order to appear in a court of law The judge must issue a summons. He had been accused of a drug offence but police had been unable to serve a summons on him (=officially order him to appear in court).
Examples from the Corpus
summonsIt was a summons, not a request.So he awaited his summons without impatience.Official Solicitor's costs in originating summons.In answer to Grant's summons, Larsen had turned up accompanied by ten well muscled companions.The summons was heard as an ordinary Friday summons in the Commercial Court and occupied about 20 minutes.It was a vexatious summons, and none of them turned up.issue ... summonsIt is still necessary to issue a summons for directions in an admiralty or medical negligence case.Magistrates threw out his first attempt by refusing to issue a summons.