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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtest caseˈtest case noun [countable]  SCLa legal case that establishes a particular principle, that is then used as a standard which other similar cases can be judged against
Examples from the Corpus
test caseMrs Ruth Annison, association secretary, thought the Redmire branch would become a test case for similar lines elsewhere.The infuriated Abbot put forward a test case by sending a monk with a wagonload of corn across the bridge.It promised, in a very real sense, a test case for our theories of the behavior of impactors.Van Gogh as the subject for a biographer is thus a test case.If it goes to court it could be an important test case.This is symptomatic of the adversarial relationship schools have with Woodhead, but it is also an extremely important test case.With Magic as a high-profile test case, the world will see an HIV-positive person living the life he chooses.Substitute biology teacher John Scopes volunteered to be the test case.