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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtestimonytes‧ti‧mo‧ny /ˈtestəməni $ -moʊni/ ●○○ noun (plural testimonies) [countable, uncountable]  1 SCLa formal statement saying that something is true, especially one a witness makes in a court of law Barker’s testimony is crucial to the prosecution’s case. In his testimony, he denied that the company had ignored safety procedures.2 SHOW/BE A SIGN OFa fact or situation that shows or proves very clearly that something exists or is truebe a testimony to/of something These results are a testimony to the coach’s skill and hard work.
Examples from the Corpus
testimonyThese recent developments are testimony to that view.He later pleaded guilty to eight perjury counts resulting from testimony in drug cases.The grand jury today heard testimony from numerous witnesses.Silverman attacked her credibility, pointing out inconsistencies in her testimony.In his testimony, he denied that his company had ignored the safety procedures.Service, under such appalling conditions, is testimony indeed to his courage.Since the trial began April 16, jurors have heard an average of less than three days of testimony per week.Their testimony on it represents crucial, first-hand experience of which those planning for the hospital-based sector must take significant account.be a testimony to/of somethingAll are testimony to a wetter, more benign past.A handsome pin tucked away in the jewelry box on my dresser is testimony to this accomplishment.Well, I am testimony to what it is to be responsible yet my opportunities are rapidly diminishing...It is a testimony of faith in the future of organic union which reveals the irony of progress amid apparent setbacks.It is a testimony to the fundamental nature of pagan beliefs and practices that they have survived centuries of persecution.Nizan's own political and cultural practice is a testimony to both points.I think that the fact that we had a long-distance relationship was testimony to how strong it was.Little Samuel is testimony to that.