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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtrespasstres‧pass1 /ˈtrespəs $ -pəs, -pæs/ verb [intransitive]  1 SCLENTERto go onto someone’s private land without their permissiontrespass on She was arrested for trespassing on government property.see thesaurus at enter2 old useRRBAD BEHAVIOUR OR ACTIONS to do something wrong syn sintrespasser noun [countable] trespass on something→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
trespassGet out of the yard! Can't you see the sign? It says "No Trespassing."I have trespassed and will retreat back to Cambo and to the country just to the south of it.Carlson was fined $1000 for trespassing on government property.Farmers have barricaded their fields to prevent partygoers from trespassing on their land.However, as is often the case with these ranch roads, the sign means no trespassing on their property.Many reasons were given, from Health and Safety Regulations, destroying the environment, to trespassing on to archaeological sites.According to its critics, it could result in walkers getting lost, trespassing, squabbling with farmers and even being injured.But the Galaxy is great, and it has happened before that a boundary has been trespassed unwittingly.A knock sounded, trespassing upon her reflections.Carlisle warned that anyone caught trespassing will be banned from the facility when it opens Oct. 25.