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trespasstrespass2 noun  1 [countable, uncountable] (also trespassing American English)SCLENTER the offence of going onto someone’s land without their permission He will be prosecuted for trespass.2 [countable] biblicalRRBAD BEHAVIOUR OR ACTIONS something you have done that is morally wrong syn sin
Examples from the Corpus
trespassTrespassers will be prosecuted.One traveller, Lisa Miller, is due to appear in court on charges of criminal trespass dating back several months.The court held that necessity was a defence to the claim in trespass and nuisance.An individual or organisation may face action for a variety of Torts e.g. defamation, negligence, nuisance or trespass.If he does, if he practices any philosophical trespass around here, I will call the cops.It doesn't recommend trespass, it urges that you should consult the police and get third-party liability insurance.The Court chose not to face head-on the problem of state trespass statutes which conflicted with constitutional prohibitions against racial discrimination.Forgive men their trespasses...This trespass meant that no one must go inside the property because it was not public like a park, but private.