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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishunlicensedun‧li‧censed /ʌnˈlaɪsənst/ AWL adjective  SCLwithout a licence (=official document that gives you permission to do or have something) unlicensed guns
Examples from the Corpus
unlicensedMembership of the Society is open to anyone interested in amateur radio, whether licensed or unlicensed.Yet none of this external spin matched the turbulence and unlicensed devilry which possessed him when he was with Jen.unlicensed driversThe man who performed the abortions was an unlicensed foreign doctor-or so I was told.It says unlicensed minicabs are the most dangerous form of public transport.Pop music history is littered with examples of out of court settlements as a result of unlicensed sampling.But both nurses and unlicensed technicians complain about the effects of cost-cutting at the bedside.It was where you could be unlicensed, where you could be anonymous, unencumbered, no past, free.