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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishvisavi‧sa /ˈviːzə/ ●●○ noun [countable]  SCLTRAVELan official mark put on your passport that gives you permission to temporarily enter or leave a foreign country I was still in New York, trying to get a visa to visit Russia.a work/student/tourist visa She applied for a three-month tourist visa.an entry/exit visaCOLLOCATIONSverbsapply for a visaI applied for a visa to visit China.get a visa (also obtain a visa formal)He was having difficulties getting a visa.give somebody a visa (also grant somebody a visa formal)She has been granted a special visa.refuse/deny somebody a visaThe Lebanese embassy refused him a visa.somebody's visa expires/runs out (=it ends)I had 14 days to leave the country because my visa had expired.extend/renew somebody's visa (=allow a visa to apply to a longer time)He hoped that his visa might be extended.overstay your visa (=stay longer than you are allowed to)Two women in the group had overstayed their visas.ADJECTIVES/NOUN + visaa tourist/travel/visitor's visaHe applied for a tourist visa.a work/student visaThey'd sent their daughter abroad on a student visa.an entry/exit visaAll foreigners need an entry visa.a transit visa (=a visa that allows you to pass through a particular country)Transit visas will be issued at the airport.a 14-day/six-month etc visaSpecial 10-day visas were issued to cover the time of the conference.visa + NOUNa visa applicationU.S. immigration authorities have turned down their visa application.the visa requirementsCheck the visa requirements with your travel agent.
Examples from the Corpus
visaHurley had promised him a visa, too.Members of Congress have questioned the State Department about how Wang obtained a visa and whether officials knew of his arms background.It is your responsibility to be in possession of a valid passport and any visa which may be necessary.His visa expired on June 30,1972.I wondered how they would arrange my visa for Riga, but I didn't ask.We waited to have our visas minutely examined by security police with green uniforms and humorless expressions.However, please remember that some holidays require visas or inoculations, which may take several weeks to obtain.