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witnesswitness2 ●●○ verb  1 crime/accident [transitive]SCPSEE to see something happen, especially a crime or accident Several residents claim to have witnessed the attack.see thesaurus at notice, see2 experience something [transitive]EXPERIENCE to experience important events or changes Priests have witnessed an increase in religious intolerance.3 time/place [transitive] if a time or place witnesses an event, the event happens during that time or in that place Recent years have witnessed the collapse of the steel industry.4 official document [transitive]SCL if you witness the signing of an official document, you are there when it is signed, and sign it yourself to prove this Will you witness my signature?5 witness something6 religion [intransitive]RRC to speak publicly about your Christian beliefstestify→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
witnessThe crash was witnessed by millions of viewers who were watching the race on TV.The crash was witnessed by scores of holiday weekenders along the beach.Meanwhile, on the passenger front, the four-mile Sanderstead-Elmers End line witnessed funereal acts on 13 May 1983.He has seen World Series and traveled to witness Opening Day in a handful of major-league cities.A stock index does not oscillate with such frightening amplitude as we have witnessed recently unless to announce some tectonic change ahead.How often we have witnessed such hubris, and how loudly we have guffawed.Police are appealing for information from anyone who witnessed the attack.I witnessed the Coventry versus Ipswich match recently.It is not legal unless the pastor witnesses the marriage license.But Bobby just sat there with a wolfish grin as guests moved in to witness the spectacle.witness ... signatureShe simply produced the documents, Mr. O'Brien signed and she witnessed his signature.I witnessed Kennedy's signature on the Friday.