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get-togetherˈget-toˌgether noun [countable]  DLPARTYa friendly informal meeting or party a family get-togethersee thesaurus at party
Examples from the Corpus
get-togetherYet, at his televised July 14 get-togethers with journalists in 1997,1998 and 1999, Chirac categorically rejected the idea.Hanging in the corner is a portrait of Leiser whimsically scribbled by Picasso during a get-together in 1961.Even a horrific rape committed within earshot of a big family get-together was ignored.a big family get-togetherShana's picture won first prize, so we had a little get-together to celebrate.Clinton has hosted about two-dozen small get-togethers since the start of the year.They go to all these get-togethers.Miss Ratched, as most of you know, called this get-together.This get-together was unusual for its agenda: tactics for eliminating political opponents.The suspicions of some are also aroused by weekend get-togethers of Volunteers working in widely dispersed communities.