Date: 1200-1300
Language: Old French
Origin: leisir, from leisir 'to be allowed', from Latin licere; LICENSE1


lei‧sure W3 [uncountable]
1 time when you are not working or studying and can relax and do things you enjoy:
Most people now enjoy shorter working hours and more leisure time.
Watching television is now the nation's most popular leisure activity.
The hotel offers various leisure facilities such as a swimming pool and sauna.
The leisure industry (=the business of providing leisure activities) is now an important part of the economy.

at (your) leisure

if you do something at your leisure, you do it slowly and without hurrying:
Come round for lunch and then we can discuss it at leisure.
Take the leaflets home and read them at your leisure.

gentleman/lady of leisure

someone who does not have to work - used humorously

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