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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpageantrypag‧eant‧ry /ˈpædʒəntri/ noun [uncountable]  DLIMPRESSimpressive ceremonies or events, involving many people wearing special clothespageantry of the pageantry of a military ceremony
Examples from the Corpus
pageantrySuccess-even getting better-is made really important and a cause for celebration with noise and pageantry.During the next days, Philippa was to see the full glory of his departure, all show and pageantry.I learn the importance of pageantry and ceremony.The Federals looking toward the Confederate lines got only a limited impression of pageantry.Police pageantry was a symbolic rite.Not for silly pageantry, Hardin.They were expected to attend the urban celebrations of the great festivals and took part in the pageantry and the festivities.The pageantry surrounding the court is a feast of spectacle and venerable tradition.