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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrendezvousren‧dez‧vous1 /ˈrɒndəvuː, -deɪ- $ ˈrɑːndeɪ-/ noun (plural rendezvous /-vuːz/)  1 [countable]MEET an arrangement to meet someone at a particular time and place, often secretlyrendezvous with He made a rendezvous with her in Times Square. plans for a secret rendezvoussee thesaurus at meeting2 [countable usually singular]MEET a place where two or more people have arranged to meet Boats picked us up at pre-arranged rendezvous.3 [countable]DL a bar, restaurant etc where people like to meet a popular rendezvous for media people
Examples from the Corpus
rendezvousI am opposed to air mattresses at a rendezvous, personally.One quick telephone call had booked the aircraft, another fixed a rendezvous with a fellow salesman.I had a rendezvous in the dark.Dexter and she would deliver Urquhart there for his rendezvous at seven o'clock that morning.Their plan for a Paris rendezvous had collapsed.I asked if he was going down to the rendezvous.Old Town Square is one of Prague's best known tourist rendezvous.rendezvous withShe flew to Paris for a secret rendezvous with Jean-Jacques.The yacht was scheduled to rendezvous with a Coast Guard patrol on Monday.