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setset3 ●○○ adjective  1 placedPLACE [not before noun] being in the position that is mentionedset in/on/back etc a medieval village set high on a hill a big house set back from the road2 background used to say that something is in front of a particular background, especially in a way that is attractiveset against a small town of white buildings, set against a background of hills pink petals set against dark green foliage3 fixedCHANGE/MAKE something DIFFERENT [only before noun] a set amount, time etc is fixed and is never changed We were paid a set amount each week. The evening meal is served at a set time. Small children like a set routine.4 ready [not before noun] informalREADY someone who is set for something is ready for itset for Are you all set for the trip?set to do something I was just set to go when the phone rang. Get set (=get ready) for a night of excitement. On your marks, get set, go (=said to start a race).5 set on/upon/against (doing) something6 opinions/habits etcCHANGE/BECOME DIFFERENT# not likely to change People had very set ideas about how to bring up children. Mark was 65 and rather set in his ways (=habits). 7 have your heart/sights set on something8 set to do something9 deep-set/wide-set/close-set eyes10 be set with gems/jewels etc11 meal [only before noun] British EnglishDFDL a set meal in a restaurant has a fixed price and a more limited choice than usualset lunch/dinner/menu The hotel does a very good set menu.12 set book/text etc13 fixed expression literaryPRETENDDETERMINED if your face is set, it has a fixed expression on it, especially one that is angry, worried etc He stared at her, his face set. Kate’s face was set in a grim expression.set smile/teeth/jaw ‘Damn you, ’ he said through set teeth.
Examples from the Corpus
setWorkers earn a set amount for each piece they sew.The Designer's floor model and plans would be complete with set construction hopefully under way.The company will match your donations to charity, up to a set limit.They each travel in their own set pattern, but don't assume they're easy to avoid!There is no set pattern for this.So it is very difficult to achieve what one might call a set pattern in life.Unfortunately, few activities can be shut down for set periods, most being operational all the year round.By looking for a set result you are excluding all the learning potential from the exercise.Organized ski treks exist, their routes following set trails with accommodation enroute.set in/on/back etcThe full council will confirm the charges set on 4 March.Early in 1982, before El Chichón erupted, a steep decline in temperature set in.But reality soon set in, both for the car makers and the government.Until the job is actually offered and refused, however, nothing is set in concrete.While her hair was set in large heated rollers to give fullness, Lizzie set to work on Angela's make-up.The weather was wet and chilly and this run underlines the standard that White is setting in the club this year.Handmade mats were stacked to one side and a tiny fireplace was set in the floor.Greater Tuna, a comedy that continues through June 1, is set in the third-smallest town in Texas.set forGet set for a full evening of hot and spicy entertainment.Newspaper group the Daily Mail looks set for a healthy year-end rise in profits when it announces results on Wednesday.Targets may be set for any parameter that can be measured as the project proceeds, such as cost, time and performance.A first working session is set for February in Vienna.Some Western analysts considered that Soviet spending estimates should be doubled to take account of artificially low prices set for hardware.Closing arguments are set for June 10.It goes on controlled release in July and general availability is set for October, but there was no indication of price.Less and less, even in popular understanding, is it regarded as merely the setting for the institution narrative.No date has been set for the start up.set ideasIt's too complicated for set ideas.I used to have set ideas but the older I get the more I learn from.set lunch/dinner/menuBreakfast is buffet style and dinner is a three course set menu.Breakfast is continental, whilst dinner is three courses from a set menu.La Carte While the restaurant offers a comprehensive la carte menu, nearly everyone chooses one of the set menus.Yet the set dinner at the Holcombe only cost £17.95 and breakfast cost £6.50 - a total of £24.45.Buffet-style breakfast and lunch; set menu for dinner; mineral water flows from taps.Buffet-style breakfast and lunch; set menu for dinner; self service taverna.Dinner is a set menu of three courses.set smile/teeth/jawGloria greeted her guests with a set smile.Find a coal-eyed, muscular Provo with a set jaw and angry brow, and make love to him.