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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishshowershow‧er1 /ˈʃaʊə $ ʃaʊr/ ●●● S2 noun [countable]  1 for washing inDH a piece of equipment that you stand under to wash your whole body Why does the phone always ring when I’m in the shower? I’d like to use the shower if that’s all right. The bathroom has a separate shower cubicle (=a shower in a separate part of the room).2 act of washingDHWASH an act of washing your body while standing under a shower I need a shower.take a shower Nick rolled out of bed and took a shower.have a shower especially British English Mary loves having a hot shower after she’s been swimming.3 rainHEM a short period of rain or snow More heavy showers are forecast for tonight. a shower of rain a snow shower A few wintry showers are likely.see thesaurus at rain4 lots of thingsAMOUNT a lot of small light things falling or going through the air togethershower of Peter kicked the fire and sent up a shower of sparks. A shower of leaves fell towards the ground.5 party American EnglishDLPARTY a party at which presents are given to a woman who is going to get married or have a baby We gave a shower for Beth. a baby shower6 people [usually singular] British English informalGROUP OF PEOPLE a group of stupid or lazy people
Examples from the Corpus
showerWe're giving a shower for Beth next week.It was just a shower, so we didn't get too wetThe very weak carbonaceous meteorites often fall as showers of tiny fragments with masses of grams.a baby showerWe didn't play any of the usual games at the baby shower.I want to thank both of you again for your beautiful shower gifts.In the morning, when you get up, take a cold shower.Heavy showers are forecast for the weekend.You'll feel better after a nice hot shower.The weather will be cloudy with light showers in places.Tomorrow's forecast calls for a few scattered showers.The image was of steam rising from the shower room of the Yokasuka brig.They have a special hook feature for hanging in the shower.I told him she was in the shower and that she would be out right away.She was damp, she was sore from scrubbing with the shower mitt, her hair hung in rats' tails.Our cabin, designed for four, had ample hanging-space, trouser-press, hair-drier and tea-making facilities, in addition to shower room.What did you give Chris for her wedding shower?take a showerWith great effort, she gets up and takes a shower.He got up and went to the bathroom, took a shower.Installed in the Speke, I took a shower and came down from my room.On my return from town, I took a shower in the concrete-lined cubicle in the bungalow.I took a shower and washed my hair with his yucca blossom shampoo.Then she took a shower and changed into a cool sundress.I have to take a shower.Steve didn't even have time to take a shower this morning.Apparently, after toasting Saja with a bottle of Crown Royal, she tried to take a shower and passed out.heavy showersMore heavy showers are forecast for tonight and for the rest of the week.shower ofThe aircraft skidded off the runway in a shower of sparks.baby showerAlso, instead of friends bringing baby shower gifts, suggest they buy growth mutual funds for the new arrival.