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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsolariumso‧lar‧i‧um /səʊˈleəriəm $ soʊˈler-/ noun [countable]  1 DLa place with sunbeds (=beds with special lamps), where you can get a suntan2 DHHa room, usually enclosed by glass, where you can sit in bright sunlight
Examples from the Corpus
solariumAt times, up to seventy iron lungs packed patient rooms, a solarium, and the hallway.Keep fit, sauna and solarium.In addition there is a billiard room, solarium, cinema, indoor and outdoor pools, bowling alley and gym.There is a lounge, T.V. room, table tennis, cellar bar, large sauna, solarium and steam bath.Optimum Sports Centre: Indoor and outdoor pools, sauna, solarium, massage rooms and outside whirlpool.The hotel has its own health club with saunas, solarium and work-out equipment available at a small charge.A local charge is payable for the solarium and gym.