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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsummer holidaysˌsummer ˈholidays noun [plural]  British EnglishSEDL the period of time during the summer when schools and universities are closed syn summer vacation American English
Examples from the Corpus
summer holidaysImagine - with Air Miles you don't have to wait for your annual summer holidays to come around.Victoria and Alex occasionally returned to Aunt Rose at Aberknowe for summer holidays.Others have spent long summer holidays there.Lakes and Mountain holidays are very different to run of the mill summer holidays.One night during the summer holidays Mr Gordon wanted a book.Christmas came in the summer holidays and was celebrated with a simple feast and decorations of flowers or branches.Brooding on this severe prospect, MacDonald and his colleagues departed for their summer holidays.Of course he continued to take his family to Wyvis Hall regularly for their summer holidays.