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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtearoomtea‧room /ˈtiːruːm, -rʊm/ (also tea shop) noun [countable]  DLDFDa restaurant where tea and small meals are served
Examples from the Corpus
tearoomI often felt more inspired writing in a tearoom than in the newsroom.New facilities include a tearoom, shop, three holiday flats and a look-out room.It was built to last, and the vaulted classrooms now serve as tearooms for any tourists intrepid enough to reach them.There were hundreds of tearooms in Seoul in the sixties.Did operators of tearooms read those notes when no one claimed them?No charge for shop or tearoom.Barnsgate Manor has a 12 acre vineyard, a llama herd, donkeys, a museum, winery, tearooms and restaurant.