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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishzoozoo /zuː/ ●●● S3 noun (plural zoos) [countable]  DLHBAa place, usually in a city, where animals of many kinds are kept so that people can go to look at themwildlife park
Examples from the Corpus
zooThere are four main aims of a zoo.These do seem to admit of answers in terms of the working criteria of veterinarians, farm and abattoir inspectors and zoo managers.At first, it all looked to me like a human zoo.The directors and actors had spent months in zoos recording the noises made by apes in emotional situations.The grocery store was a real zoo today.So there are these three visually challenged yuppies at the zoo, checking out their first elephant.Thursday, the zoo began construction of an Avian Conservation Center.C., which presented this one, a male, as a gift to the zoo and park.Some people buy rare or difficult to keep animals as pets and donate them to zoos.