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bracebrace2 noun  1 SUPPORT[countable] something that is used to strengthen or support something, or to make it stiff The miners used special braces to keep the walls from collapsing.neck/back/knee brace (=a brace that supports the neck etc) He was being fitted for a back brace. She had to wear a brace after the accident.2 TEETH[countable] (also braces [plural]) a system of metal wires that people, usually children, wear on their teeth to make them grow straight3 [countable usually plural] American English a metal support that someone with weak legs wears to help them walk syn callipers British English4 braces5 PRINTED SIGNSLA[countable] one of a pair of signs { } used to show that information written between them should be considered togetherbracket6 a brace of something
Examples from the Corpus
braceThe steel beam serves as a brace for the ceiling.Many Clutton players and supporters were still stunned by Royston Marley's brilliant brace of goals as they boarded the bus home.Several children in this group needed a full brace in order to be able to stand.I shift down the bench to make room for a girl with a knee brace.She exercised constantly, even when it hurt, and she eventually was able to walk without a leg brace.McInerney swam over to the co-pilot and put a neck brace on him.Diane had to wear a neck brace for eight weeks after the accident.She bore the sliding brace of a credit-card franker.Once on the brace, he thought that was as far as he could go.A dozen suited men were fastening the edges of the insulator to the brace of the frame.wear ... braceHe wore a brace on the knee last season and caught 41 passes and scored two touchdowns.By 40, I wore a brace on my left leg and used a motorized scooter to cover all but short distances.He told us she might need to wear a brace to correct it.