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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbracketbrack‧et1 /ˈbrækɪt/ ●●○ noun [countable]  1 (also round bracket) [usually plural] British EnglishSLA one of the pair of signs ( ) put around words to show extra information syn parenthesis American Englishin brackets Last year’s sales figures are given in brackets. angle brackets, square bracket, punctuation mark2 income/tax/age etc bracket3 TBCa piece of metal, wood, or plastic, often in the shape of the letter L, fixed to a wall to support something such as a shelf
Examples from the Corpus
bracketA little ink bottle and two pens were fastened to its floor by gold brackets.Supplements in brackets apply to July and August departures.A good ground is easy to find; hoisting lugs on the engine or the alternator mounting brackets make good grounds.That same family, with the exact same buying power, would have been forced into the 40-percent bracket by 1980.A slender pointed cellular disrupter swung out on skeletal brackets.The square brackets reveal the position and length of the inserts.Several companies have produced pension plans specifically for people in the higher income tax bracket.Hide the brackets by adding an edging of deep wallpaper border - backing it with stiff card for extra durability.in bracketsThe expression in brackets is known as Bessel's correction.Figures in brackets refer to the Notes.Programme Directors are given in brackets.All grammar information is given in brackets.Corporate bodies Numbers in brackets indicate that a corporate body or its activities are discussed in the document concerned.Prices in brackets apply to July and August departures.The terms in brackets indicate changed values and variables.