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bracketbracket2 verb [transitive]  1 INCLUDEto consider two or more people or things as being similar or the samebe bracketed together Women and minors were bracketed together for the legislation.be bracketed with somebody/something Arizona has been bracketed with Iowa in the tournament.2 SLAto put brackets around a written word, piece of information etc Debit amounts are bracketed. Grammar Bracket is usually passive.→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
bracketUnpaid amounts have been bracketed.Collision fenders were bracketed a few inches below the ends of the baulks.Immediately four faint, narrow lines appeared, bracketing a tiny and undistinguished star.But if the commonsense understanding of schooling is bracketed and belief suspended, another reality emerges, the life of the playground.The strong U.S. economy of the 1980s was bracketed by two recessions.Now his fate is to be for ever bracketed in the political record books with Austen Chamberlain.The three ships swirled around my ship, neatly bracketing it as they matched its speed.Sometimes it ignores lesbianism; sometimes it brackets it together with male homosexuality.The airport's runway was bracketed on one end by power lines and on the other by a peach orchard.All pipes should be bracketed to avoid accidental damage.be bracketed with somebody/somethingArizona has been bracketed with Iowa in the tournament.