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capitalcapital2 ●●○ adjective  1 SLAa capital letter is one that is written or printed in its large formlower case, upper case capital ‘B’2 relating to money that you use to start a business or to make more money capital investments3 capital offence/crime4 trouble with a capital T, fast with a capital F etc5 GOOD/EXCELLENT old-fashioned excellent
Examples from the Corpus
capitalThe company's logo is a large capital "B."During the year the bank actually had 12. 18 billion pesetas in capital gains from its fixed-income portfolio.Payroll taxes are levied only on wages and salaries-not profits, interest, dividends, or capital gains.Some investment managers may compensate by making a slight switch in emphasis towards capital growth investments and away from high yielding equities.The fund manager can, therefore, select the mix of bonds which offers the most attractive yield and capital growth potential.However, cuts in capital investment and fuel supply problems have reduced capacity growth to something around 3% per year.The recycling industry is making huge capital investments in equipment.In the latter case it will be necessary to work closely with the local authority in carrying out a capital project.We intend to lighten the burden of capital taxes and reform the taxation of savings.