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acronym adage affricate agglutination alphanumeric anglophone antecedent antonym aphorism archaism argot aspirate(v) aspirate(n) aspiration assonance baby talk back back formation bilabial body language cant cliché cognate(a) cognate(n) collocate collocation colloquial combining form compound concordance connotation consonant context contraction corpus dative declarative decline decode descriptive diction diminutive diminutive suffix diphthong elide ellipsis elocution emphasis encode enunciate -ese etymology euphemism euphemistic expression figurative first language formal fricative gender glide glottal stop hard hieroglyphics high-level homograph homonym homophone hyperbole ideogram idiolect idiom idiomatic inflection intonation IPA ironic jargon labial language legalese lexical lexicography lexicon lexis lingua franca linguist linguistic linguistics lip-read loanword locution long maxim metalanguage mispronounce mnemonic monosyllabic monosyllable morpheme morphology nasal(a) nasal(n) neologism neutral nonce non-standard nonverbal officialese onomatopoeia open vowel orientalist oxymoron palindrome paragraph paraphrase(v) paraphrase(n) philology phoneme phonemics phonetic phonetics phonic phonology phrasal phraseology pidgin plosive polyglot polysemous polysyllabic portmanteau word pragmatics preliterate pre-verbal primary stress pronounce pronounceable pronunciation proverb psychobabble Received Pronunciation recitation register retroflex RP schwa secondary stress second language semantic semantics semiotics semi-vowel short sibilant(a) sibilant(n) sic silent simile slang sound speech speech therapy spell spelling spoonerism standard stem stop stress(n) stress(v) stressed stress mark structuralism stylistics superlative syllabic syllable synonym synonymous technical terminology thesaurus tone tone language toneless tongue transcribe transcription trope unpronounceable unstressed unvoiced usage use(v) use(n) velar vocabulary voiceless vowel


lin‧guis‧tics [uncountable]
the study of language in general and of particular languages, their structure, grammar, and history
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