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aspirateas‧pi‧rate2 /ˈæspərət/ noun [countable] technical  SLthe sound of the letter ‘h’, or the letter itself
Examples from the Corpus
aspirateHer recently acquired aspirates gave way completely under the stress of emotion.Five out of 10 patients had a positive result on provocation with their duodenal aspirate, developing epigastric pain.Acid output was calculated by multiplying the hydrogen ion concentration by the volume of the gastric aspirate.Characteristics and quantity of vomit, gastric aspirate, and stools were recorded.In cases of doubt a bone marrow aspirate, which is the best guide to body iron stores, should be examined.A bone marrow aspirate showed 64% blast cells.Refluxed gastric alkali was determined by appearance of gastric marker in oesophageal aspirates.