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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbody languageˈbody ˌlanguage ●○○ noun [uncountable]  SLMOVE/CHANGE POSITIONchanges in your body position and movements that show what you are feeling or thinking It was obvious from Luke’s body language that he was nervous.
Examples from the Corpus
body languageUpon meeting them you instantly see what they look like, and quickly observe their facial expressions, gestures and body language.Electronic media, filtering tone of voice and body language out of messages, also hinder feedback regarding how recipients are reacting.This includes facial expressions, body language, and the like.Was this going to be the ultimate in body language, or a pointless gimmick?Imagine politics without communication-without newspapers, without television, even without talking or body language.This responsiveness to body language also affects the way horses react to humans.The man stared at Bonnie whose body language was screaming, "Leave me alone!"Yet body language often tells us so much more than mere words.If he perceives your body language wrong, he can do major damage.