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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdeclarativede‧clar‧a‧tive /dɪˈklærətɪv/ adjective  SLa declarative sentence has the form of a statement
Examples from the Corpus
declarativeJustification is, as I have said, a declarative doctrine that we are sons and daughters of a heavenly Father.His sentences were like that: short, declarative, final somehow.Technically the task of the programme designer is made easier by the use of training skills and declarative programming languages.The system's linguistic knowledge is expressed by means of declarative rules and lexical entries.We went around the room to get them to say a declarative sentence.That leaves open the possibility, however, that some declarative sentences or statements are not factual and express something other than beliefs.Parsing Algorithm A grammar is simply a declarative statement of what forms a valid sentence.