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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgendergen‧der /ˈdʒendə $ -ər/ ●○○ AWL noun  1 SEX/GENDER[countable, uncountable] the fact of being male or female people of the same gender Discrimination on grounds of race or gender is forbidden. There may be gender differences in attitudes to paid work. traditional gender roles gender biases in books toys that do not reinforce gender stereotypes a science fiction story dealing with gender issues2 [countable] males or females, considered as a group syn sex differences between the genders3 a) [uncountable]SLG the system in some languages of marking words such as nouns, adjectives, and pronouns as being masculine, feminine, or neuter b) [countable]SLG a group such as feminine into which words are divided in this systemCOLLOCATIONSgender + NOUNa gender differenceResearch has shown that there are gender differences in the way alcohol affects the brain.the gender gap (=a difference between men and women)The gender gap was visible in the way men and women voted during the presidential elections.gender roles (=the positions of men and women in society)It is a country where gender roles have remained largely unchanged.gender bias/inequality/discrimination (=when one gender is treated unfairly)Her research investigates gender bias in the classroom.gender equality (=when men and women are treated in the same way)Organizations have a duty to promote gender equality.gender relations (=the way in which men and women behave towards each other)The best way to understand gender relations is to study children.a gender stereotype (=a fixed idea of what men or women are like)The characters in the novel were criticized for being gender stereotypes.gender politics (=the way in which men and women compete with each other for power)Much of the discussion of gender politics is rather simplistic.gender issues (=ideas and problems related to being male or female)Businesses seem to pay more attention to gender issues in senior positions.gender identity (=whether someone is male or female)Gender identity refers to our inner feeling of being masculine or feminine.
Examples from the Corpus
genderThe job is open to any suitably qualified person regardless of age, gender, or race.It would ban racial and gender preferences in all state government hiring, contracting and education programs.We are interested in these questions, of course, because we are also interested in gender.Hiring employees on the basis of gender or race is not permitted.Restrictions on and beliefs about language may be part of the construction of gender rather than a simple reflection of it.The nation was organized not only in class terms but also in terms of gender and age.an interesting study on gender bias in the classroomSociologists believe that gender differences in voting will gradually disappear.Professional relationships for women are those which are characterised among other things as not acknowledging the gender of the people involved.gender differencesAnd here also gender differences are minimized.Other researchers, however, remained adamant that there are few if any gender differences in management.Will the extreme gender differences in health status continue?In contrast, Piaroa minimize gender differences and maintain the same normative code of non-violent behaviour for both males and females.Another issue, as yet little studied or confronted, is that of gender differences in access to education and achievement at school.Past research has looked at how the age of puberty affects subsequent risk of problems and found sharp gender differences.Why are there such gender differences?The gender differences explored here are social constructions that have had influence in certain mainstream discourses.