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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlonglong1 /lɒŋ $ lɒːŋ/ ●●● S1 W1 adjective (comparative longer, superlative longest)  1 great lengthLONG measuring a great length from one end to the other opp short a long table long hair the longest tunnel in the world He stretched out his long legs. a long line of people2 great distanceLONG continuing or travelling a great distance from one place to another opp short a long distance Springfield is a long way from Chicago. Liz lives in Cheltenham, which is a long way away.long journey/walk/flight/drive etc (=a journey etc over a large distance that takes a lot of time) It’s a long walk to the shops from here.3 large amount of timeLONG TIME continuing for a large amount of time, or for a larger amount of time than usual opp short a long period of time a long history of success He has a long memory.(for) a long time/while He’s been gone a long time. I haven’t been there for a long while. It took a long time to get everything ready. She died a long time ago.long silence/pause/delay etc There was a long silence before anybody spoke. She’s recovering from a long illness. Doctors often work long hours (=work for more time than is usual).the longest time American English spoken (=a very long time) It took me the longest time to figure out how to open the windows.4 particular length/distance/timeLONG used to talk or ask about a particular length, distance, or time How long is your garden? How long is the film? The cable is not quite long enough.two metres/three miles etc long The bridge is 140 feet long.two hours/three days etc long The speech was twenty minutes long.5 writingLONG containing a lot of words, letters, names, or pages opp short a long novel a long list He has a very long name. He owes money to a list of people as long as your arm (=a very long list). 6 clothingDCCLONG covering all of your arms or legs opp short a long dress a long-sleeved shirt7 tiring/boring spokenLONG TIME making you feel tired or bored It’s been a long day.8 vowel technicalSL a long vowel in a word is pronounced for a longer time than a short vowel with the same sound opp short9 how long is a piece of string?10 the long and (the) short of it11 the long arm of somebody/something12 long face13 long in the tooth14 not long for this world15 long on something16 long odds17 in the long run/term18 long shot19 long time no see20 take the long view (of something)21 a long way22 long weekend at (long) last at last3(2), → it’s a long story at story(10), → cut/make a long story short at story(11), → a little (of something) goes a long way at little2(5), → have a long way to go at way1(19)THESAURUSlong continuing for a long timeThe film was very long.There has been a long period without rain.lengthy continuing for a long time, especially longer than you want or expectDrivers face lengthy delays on all roads out of the city.Police are going through the lengthy process of re-examining all the evidence.He faces a lengthy prison sentence.long-running [only before noun] continuing for a long time – used especially about disputes, campaigns, or showsHe has been involved in a long-running dispute with his neighbour.The programme is one of the longest-running series on television.a long-running campaign to prevent the airport from being builtlong-lasting continuing for a long time – used especially about effects or relationshipsStress can have long-lasting effects.While at the school, she made many long-lasting friendships.protracted formal continuing for a long time, especially an unusually long timeDespite protracted negotiations, they were unable to reach an agreement.The couple have been involved in a protracted battle for custody of their children.prolonged continuing for a long time, especially longer than expected, or longer in a way that makes a situation worseHe returned to work after a prolonged absence.Studies have linked prolonged use of the drug to cancer.a prolonged period of economic declineextended [only before noun] continuing for a long time – used especially about visits, trips, breaks etc that last longer than was plannedan extended stay in hospitalHe took an extended break from work after his father died.She didn’t like being away from home for extended periods.lasting [only before noun] strong enough or great enough to continue for a long timeThe negotiations were aimed at achieving a lasting peace.This affair has done lasting damage to the president’s credibility.The book left a lasting impression on me.enduring continuing for a long time – used especially about memories, influences, or feelings of liking someone or somethingOne of my most enduring memories is of going on holiday to France with my parents.the enduring appeal of Conan Doyle’s storieshis enduring love for Irelandmarathon [only before noun] continuing for a very long time and needing a lot of energy, patience, or determinationIt was a marathon session of talks which continued until 3 am.He arrived after a marathon journey across Europe.too longlong-winded continuing for too long – used about speeches, answers, explanations etca very long-winded answer to a simple questionHe gave a long-winded speech about the company’s vision for the future.interminable very long and boringThey faced an interminable wait in the departure lounge of the airport.The journey seemed interminable.long-drawn-out [only before noun] used about a process that continues for much too longThe news heightened expectations that the long-drawn-out investigation might be coming to a close. GRAMMAR: Order of adjectivesIf there is more than one adjective, the adjectives are usually used in a fixed order.You say: I had a nice long bath. Don’t say: I had a long nice bath.You say: She wore a long black coat. Don’t say: She wore a black long coat.
Examples from the Corpus
longI like the book, but the chapters are really long.Some snakes can grow up to 30 feet long.The meeting was too long.Look how long Ayesha's hair is getting.a long ballgowna woman in a long black gown"Gone With the Wind" is a really long book.One was young with a cupid face dotted with two splotches of rouge, and long brown hair.She led them down a long corridor, through countless swinging doors.It's a long flight - 15 hours.However, these pauses were considerably longer for the philosophical section of the passage than for the description of the countryside.I don't like long hair on guys.Exercise can help people live longer, healthier lives.Her hair was long, honey-blonde, and tied back in a ponytail.Get me a measuring tape - I'll show you how long I want the skirt.He died after a long illness.How long is the trailer? I don't think it will fit in the garage.He has a long last name that nobody can pronounce.Oh dear, this is going to be a long list of things I was supposed to do but didn't.Rome has the longest shopping street in Europe.I don't want to make a long speech, but I hope you'll bear with me while I mention a few people who have helped.For the long term, today's crisis is obviously a poor guide.They stood for a long time in silence, and the others left them alone.I thought they were cute, naturally, but I never realised that they come from a long tradition.The place has a long Welsh name that I can't pronounce.Those damn registers were in the stores for three long years, until some one in Accounting decided they could be written off.long hairBut this one had long hair and slacks.He cut his long, long hair and stopped hanging out at clubs, dancing with other girls.With her long hair drooping round her face and her large, mournful eyes, she looked like a lost basset-hound puppy.The girls' long hair flowing over tight turtle-neck sweaters, eyes darkened against pale skin.Her long hair fluttered behind her as she moved about.Pierced ears, noses or eyelids, purple hair, long hair, no hair or a mohawk.The high voice and long hair of Taylor is perfect for pop, where androgyny pays.His long hair stopped neatly at the level where it curved most attractively, but his shave was indifferent.a long wayYou must be tired - you've come a long way.For me, a little bit of race watching goes a long way.Genuine smiles and statements of appreciation go a long way.We could hear them shouting from a long way away.It's a long way down - hold on tight.The negotiations are over, but the contract is a long way from being signed.The farm is a long way from the highway.It's a long way from the sturdy frames the technicians normally handle.Taken together they go a long way in explaining the birth and persistence of aesthetic modernism.From the map, it looked as if the lake was still a long way off.Still, they had come a long way since their managerial debut.We still have a long way to go.He believes it still has a long way to go.That tale goes a long way toward explaining why the spineless weasels in Dogpatch have once again rejected a referendum.long period of timeBut the result is very different when there is nothing to do for long periods of time.I would not have taken more expedition members but I would have gone for a longer period of time.Viruses tend to mutate and to change their characteristics over long periods of time.Wear comfortable shoes; you may be doing some walking or standing for long periods of time.Your own, personalized weight control programme has not been a sudden thing but has evolved over a long period of time.That move would likely hurt shareholder value and earnings for a longer period of time, analysts said.Some teachers expect incoming kindergarten children to be able to sit for long periods of time concentrating on workbooks or worksheets.Your friends usually are the one you have known for a long period of time, for example at work or at university.How longDo I want partners to invest in my idea? How long before I can earn the money back?Was there diffuse sweating? How long did the attack appear to last, and how long was the person confused afterwards?Where did we meet? How long had it been going on?M., on July 5,1947? How long has life existed on Mars?How long is the movie?What a nightmare. How long would it take before the hour was up?She had never felt stronger. How long would this last?long listIt would be a very long list.There is a long list in between.Most have relied upon traditional methods for analyzing jobs, by breaking them down into long lists of discrete skills.Hudson, the beautiful; handsome Hudson with the long list of girl-friends was tentative, gentle and unhurried.Baynton's long list of offices ranged from a keepership in Clarendon forest to the stewardship of Bristol.Driven by their long lists of openings, many San Diego companies are regulars at the Westech show.He was one of a long list of people who came to the dry plains for their health.The boards of banks and insurance companies, for example, have traditionally been full of long lists of the great and good.long dayAnd I think Claire's had a long day.It had been a long day.A middle-aged husband comes home after a long day at the office.After that it was all weather: frosts and rains and spring and summer, and the long days growing longer.I, who had traveled all that long day on that train without so much as a cheese in my pocket?She had spent a long day playing golf with a couple of amateurs -- as a favor to the tournament director.A long day was in store.