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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnon-standardˌnon-ˈstandard adjective  1 SLnon-standard ways of speaking are not usually considered to be correct by educated speakers of a language Non-standard dialects of English are regional dialects.2 DTnot the usual size or type a non-standard disk size
Examples from the Corpus
non-standardResults show that non-standard entrants achieved more good degrees than other students.Apart from the non-standard flight instruments the Apache has a convenient office and one rapidly feels at home.M., the staff will schedule interviews during non-standard hours as necessary.This, and other similar non-standard methods make d'Compress harder to use than it need be.It is housed in vertical files which are of non-standard size, and which are no longer manufactured.The early machines, the 1512 and the 1640, used plastic cases and a non-standard size.For it is the non-elite institutions that are in the vanguard of recruiting non-standard students.Example 91 uses non-standard units to avoid a relationship between different measures being known or guessed.