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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishphoneticpho‧net‧ic /fəˈnetɪk/ adjective technical  1 SLrelating to the sounds of human speech2 SLusing special signs, often different from ordinary letters, to represent the sounds of speech a phonetic alphabet phonetic symbols
Examples from the Corpus
phoneticHere, of course, there is no phonetic crutch to rely on.Check with your language helper next session, for you may have missed some phonetic detail which could be important.From his illustrations of the primitives it is apparent that Marshman is dealing with a classification based on categories of phonetic elements.While denying their utility, the sinologist at least recognized the existence of phonetic elements.Hymes intends that these contextual features should be regarded rather as general phonetic features are regarded.The phonetic information is manually input using a special keyboard having 21 keys.Any word could follow any other word, just so long as it matched the phonetic input description.On the phonetic level it can only suggest an approximate pronunciation of the character to which it is attached...