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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpronouncepro‧nounce /prəˈnaʊns/ ●●● S3 verb  1 [transitive]SL to make the sound of a letter, word etc, especially in the correct waypronunciation How do you pronounce your name?2 SAY/STATE[transitive] to officially state that something is truepronounce somebody/something sth The victim was pronounced dead on arrival. I now pronounce you man and wife.3 [intransitive, transitive] to give a judgment or opinion The scheme was pronounced a failure.pronounce on/upon He used to pronounce on matters he knew nothing about.4 [intransitive, transitive] lawSCL to give a legal judgmentpronounce sentence (=tell a court of law what punishment a criminal will have)→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
pronounceInsurers pronounced 1998 the worst for climate-related disasters-until 1999 came along.His wife was pronounced dead at Stanford Hospital.Those who drowned in the loch were pronounced guilty.When she awoke she pronounced herself feeble, and said her bones were stiff in her skin.Big business dominates manufacturing and is pronounced in the transportation, communications, power utilities, and banking and financial industries.But when it was over, the commentator pronounced it disappointing.Andrewes, however, was among those who remained to pronounce the divorce.Some students find it difficult to pronounce the word "the".They came and they went, sometimes before the newsreaders had even learnt how to pronounce their names properly.Words like 'chicken' and 'cheese' were once pronounced with a 'k'.How do you pronounce your last name?pronounce on/uponTheories must be allowed to contain more than experience can pronounce upon.This strikes me as just as arrogant and insular as would be a judgment pronounced on a ghetto kid.But one matter the Society resisted pronouncing on for some time was the question of its own criteria for membership.He had pronounced on Lady Isabella and Sir Richard's guilt or innocence without any reference to the coroner.Sentence was due to be pronounced on March 22.To provide an aetiology is not to pronounce on matters of authenticity.The Commission is currently demanding greater powers to pronounce on merger policy over the heads of the member states.