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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishslangslang /slæŋ/ noun [uncountable]  LANGUAGEvery informal, sometimes offensive language that is used especially by people who belong to a particular group, such as young people or criminals schoolboy slangslang word/expression/termsee thesaurus at wordslangy adjective
Examples from the Corpus
slang"Shepherd" was a slang term for a spy.He kept a notebook full of characters' names, prospective titles and slang.Once he started transmitting he couldn't help using all that C.B slang, even in an emergency."Bladdered" is slang for "drunk".The name, by the way, is Louisiana slang for one of its chief seafood products, crawfish.Anne: In cockney rhyming slang what is tomfoolery?'Doolally', meaning 'crazy', is 19th century soldiers' slang, and comes from the name of an Indian town.I was totally confused by the slang that the other kids were using.Have you not heard the slang term posh, Watson?Yet when I came to think about it, it was only the slang that I didn't quite understand."Baloney" is US slang for nonsense.slang word/expression/termHave you not heard the slang term posh, Watson?The slang term square might convey an impression which includes the suit, crew-cut and tie.Two hundred years ago it was their slang word for gourd.