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standardstandard2 ●●● S2 W2 adjective  1 NORMALUSUALLYaccepted as normal or usual We paid them the standard rate.standard practice/procedure (=the usual way of doing things) Searching luggage at airports is now standard practice. The format is fairly standard.see thesaurus at normal2 USUALLYregular and usual in shape, size, quality etc opp non-standard We make shoes in standard and wide sizes. All these vans are made to a standard design.3 SEa standard book, work etc is read by everyone studying a particular subject4 SLthe standard form of a language is the one considered to be correct and is used by most people opp non-standard the standard spelling standard English pronunciation
Examples from the Corpus
standardMost industrial/commercial concerns will have such standard costs calculated for their ranges of products.Students are encouraged to learn standard English because this is what they will need to know in the business world.Supermarkets typically have six standard food departments.A work week of forty hours is standard in the U.S.You must know the rules and be familiar with standard market terminology.Prices start at $15,489 for the standard model.Letters can be compiled from standard paragraphs stored in the memory.All hand-baggage was X-rayed - this is now standard practice at most airports.Drug tests are a standard procedure following train accidents.In telephone and face-to-face selling standard sales pitches are used, regardless of the specific needs of the customer.standard size paperWe make shoes in all standard sizes.standard practice/procedureProbyn's technique, controversial though it has been, was once virtually standard practice.Such abbreviated language is standard practice and will be widely adopted in the remainder of this book.This is standard practice, but such an event is unlikely.Win had also used a false name through the years, standard practice for officers engaged in covert work.Bail conditions appear also to have become a standard practice in public order cases.The first is the wide variation in specification and finish that are standard practice in the motor industry.Again this is a standard procedure throughout Grimes.One standard procedure would be to see if your inspectors' judgments matched other evidence.