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stopstop2 ●●● S2 W3 noun [countable] πŸ”Š πŸ”Š 1 β†’ come/roll/jerk/skid etc to a stop2 β†’ come to a stop3 β†’ bring something to a stop4 during journeySTOP something THAT IS HAPPENING a time or place when you stop during a journey for a short time πŸ”Š Our first stop was Paris. πŸ”Š We’ll make a stop at the foot of the hill. πŸ”Š The trip includes an overnight stop in London.5 bus/trainTT a place where a bus or train regularly stops for people to get on and off πŸ”Š Our next stop will be York. πŸ”Š This is your stop, isn’t it?6 β†’ put a stop to something7 β†’ pull out all the stops8 money the action or fact of telling your bank not to pay an amount of money to someone πŸ”Š I put a stop on that check to the store.9 music a handle that you push in or out on an organ to control the amount of sound it produces10 consonantSL a consonant sound, like /p/ or /k/, that you make by stopping the flow of air completely and then suddenly letting it out of your mouth β†’ full stop1
Examples from the Corpus
stopβ€’ Our trip to Africa included a stop in the Serengeti.β€’ An unshaven old man in a stained jacket comes to a stop beside us.β€’ The crystal ensures that the interval between reset and stop is stable and accurate.β€’ At Freeport, the Jones Beach stop, was the mad dash for the bus.β€’ If you're looking for ground-breaking mayhem, you got off at the wrong Greyhound stop.β€’ We need to get off at the next stop.β€’ I'm getting off at the next stop.β€’ Excuse me, could you tell me what the next stop is?β€’ Having reached Aulef and taken on water, that night was a pit stop.make ... stopβ€’ It was launched last February amid great fanfare and made stops in six cities, staying at least a month in each.β€’ He runs, he scores and he makes stops.β€’ We'll make a stop in Hong Kong before returning home.β€’ The company has yet to determine whether the buses also would make stops in Tempe, Coolidge or anywhere else.put a stop onβ€’ By the time they finally put a stop on her account, she was almost Β£20,000 in the red.β€’ I'll have to put a stop on that check.