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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishstressstress1 /stres/ ●●● S3 W3 AWL noun  1 worry [countable, uncountable]WORRIED continuous feelings of worry about your work or personal life, that prevent you from relaxingstrain Your headaches are due to stress. Janet’s been under a lot of stress since her mother’s illness. all the stresses of public life A lot of illnesses are stress-related.2 force [countable, uncountable]TEMHP the physical force or pressure on an object Shoes with high heels put a great deal of stress on knees and ankles.3 importance [uncountable]EMPHASIZE the special attention or importance given to a particular idea, fact, or activity syn emphasisput/lay stress on something Pugh laid particular stress on the need for discipline.4 word/music [countable, uncountable]SL the degree of force or loudness with which a part of a word is pronounced or a note in music is played, which makes it sound stronger than other parts or notesCOLLOCATIONSverbssuffer from stressIf you are suffering from stress, you may be more likely to become ill.cause stressMoving house often causes stress.cope with/deal with stressPeople find different ways of dealing with stress.reduce/relieve stressDon’t resort to alcohol to relieve your stress.adjectivesgreat/considerable/enormousStaff experienced considerable stress as a result of the changes.mental/emotional stressIt was a time of great emotional stress for me.phrasesbe under stressShe's been under a lot of stress lately.a cause of stressBalancing work and family is the main cause of stress for many people.signs/symptoms/effects of stressHeadaches, migraines, and irritability are all signs of stress.The effects of stress are subtle and sometimes difficult to see.somebody’s stress level (also somebody’s level of stress)Exercise reduces stress levels.stresses and strains (=a lot of different worries that are caused by something)the stresses and strains of everyday lifestress managementSome patients may benefit from being taught stress management skills.
Examples from the Corpus
stressMy headaches are caused by stress.Before we go any further we need to define what we mean by stress.Geoff is having trouble dealing with the emotional stress of his recent divorce.Air travelers can enjoy stress-free trips if they follow a few guidelines.Officials from one country told Ellena that its citizens had enough stress coping with high unemployment and other transition ills.State-owned industries, already shaken by lay-offs and closures, will come under even greater stress from international competition.She became the first woman to enter the school but withdrew after a few days because of stress.Her financial problems were causing her a lot of stress.She had been under a lot of stress just before the baby was born.In all the music colleges, particular stress is placed upon the acquisition of high standards of general musicianship.Exercise puts stress on bones as well as muscles.She will be talking about better ways of communicating and improving one's lifestyle through reduced stress.methods for reducing stressBut most just see it as a fun way of relieving stress.Workers are under such stress right now, and they have less time to spend relaxing with their families.His wife has also suffered stress-related health problems.The city's many parks offer a comforting relief from the stress of modern life.put ... stress onFor the vendor satellite selling cuts transport costs and puts less stress on the animals.Excessive protein intake can be dangerous, putting stress on the kidneys and causing dehydration.The posture puts an unnatural stress on the spine and shortens the neck.The problem puts enormous stress on managers.Critically, this approach to art production puts the stress on the means of representation as much as the representation itself.It is true that Franciscan spirituality put new stress on the necessity for integrating action and contemplation.However, that puts enormous stress on his knees.You put too much stress on your laterals, you're going to be really stuffed up.put/lay stress on somethingThese bearing-plinths are often damaged, impeding the working of the bearings and putting stress on the road deck.Excessive protein intake can be dangerous, putting stress on the kidneys and causing dehydration.In addition to the need for humility, discipline and singleminded devotion in the quest for Truth Gandhi lays stress on prayer.Grandmother put a great deal of stress on the importance of proper behavior.She said that her interview had laid stress on personal circumstances rather than experience and qualifications.In the matter of ultimate aesthetic evaluation it laid stress on the intuitive response of the general public.