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stress in Linguistics topic

stressstress2 ●●● S3 W3 AWL verb  1 [transitive]EMPHASIZE to emphasize a statement, fact, or ideastress that The report stressed that student math skills need to improve. Crawford stressed the need for more housing downtown. She stressed the importance of a balanced diet.see thesaurus at emphasize2 [transitive]SL to pronounce a word or part of a word so that it sounds louder or more forceful The word ‘machine’ is stressed on the second syllable.3 [intransitive] informal to feel very worried about something She's stressing about her exams.COLLOCATIONSnounsstress the importance of somethingHe has always stressed the importance of a stable family.stress the need for somethingShe stressed the need for more effective policing.stress a pointThis point needs to be stressed.stress a factMedicines usually stress the fact that you must not exceed the stated dose.stress the role of somebody/somethingIn her speech, she stressed the role of parents in preventing youth crime.stress your commitment to (doing) somethingThe president stressed his commitment to tackling world poverty. stress somebody out→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
stressBut the general limitations of questions and responses such as these should be stressed.It looks forward to a greater gift in the future while stressing a real gift in the present.The Republican takeover of Congress deflated that notion, though, and he no longer stresses it.He was careful to stress that he was talking about public ethics, not private ethics.It should be stressed that no payment is made by the client.I would like to stress that the commercial consideration is only one of many elements and is certainly not the most important.stress thatThe assessment was based on Neuman's model, which examines the stresses that impinge on an individual's equilibrium.An advertisement for a china-clay pit in 1817 stressed that it was only 3 miles from the purpose-built clay port of Charlestown.He dropped her outside the Prospect of Whitby, stressing that the fare was taken care of.Equally, he wants to stress that the government should listen to industry and respond to its needs.In the interview, it is stressed that the informant should direct the discussion because the ethnographer becomes the learner.Traffic engineers stress that the plan is only one possible option.However, I wish to stress that the racecourses have nothing to do with this idiotic piece of planning.It must be stressed that they have acted and reacted in a wide variety of ways.Eversley has stressed that too much should not be claimed for such a class.