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superlativesuperlative2 noun  1 the superlative2 [countable]SL a word that shows that you think someone or something is very good an actress who deserves superlatives
Examples from the Corpus
superlativeClichés and superlatives are rampant in the log that I kept on the trip."Ulee's Gold" has earned superlatives from critics wherever it has played.The most difficult thing when writing about Milton is to find enough superlatives to describe him.What is there to think about on such a day, apart from superlatives?The papers screamed superlatives, and La Scala, sulking after a resounding flop with Don Carlos, scowled and spat.Ireland's pack rightfully deserves all the superlatives.Does anyone think these superlatives were casually earned?A huge lifting crane that hefted cylinders of red-hot steel and moved them around the mill invited whispered superlatives.