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useuse2 /juːs/ ●●● S1 W1 noun  1 [singular, uncountable]USE something the action or fact of using something an exit for use in emergenciesuse of the increasing use of computers in education2 [countable]USE something a purpose for which something can be used Robots have many different uses in modern industry.have/find a use for something The cupboard is full of things I can never find a use for.3 make use of something4 put something to (good) use5 the use of something6 be (of) no use (to somebody)7 it’s no use doing something8 it’s no use!9 what’s the use (of something)10 be in use11 for the use of somebody12 be of use (to somebody/something)13 come into use14 go/be out of use15 have no use for somebody/something16 something/somebody has their uses17 [countable]SL one of the meanings of a word, or the way that a particular word is usedCOLLOCATIONSadjectiveswidespread/extensive use (=when something is used in many places or situations, or among many people)The widespread use of computers changed business completely.efficient useDoing the work in stages makes the most efficient use of resources.effective useWe need to consider whether there could be a more effective use of our time.heavy/frequent use (=when something is used a lot)The heavy use of pesticides in the area led to severe health problems.regular useThese drugs are not recommended for regular use.greater useWe want to encourage employees to make greater use of the sports facilities.land useOur department is responsible for establishing the guidelines for land use in the county.drug/alcohol useDrug use among teenage boys is on the increase.
Examples from the Corpus
useHerring, 55, is a former drug user who started the foundation in San Jose in 1980.It appears that chronic caffeine use may cause up-regulation or down-regulation of other neurotransmitter systems as well.Technology developed for the space program have civilian uses as well.Robots have many different uses in modern industry.It's main use is as a cleaning agent for metals.A pastry brush has a variety of uses in the kitchen.It leads to a crime: Some one is murdering claimants and putting their insurance money to private use.The land has been developed for tourism and other recreational uses.There have been complaints about the use of excessive force by the police.He had no expectations or intentions that they would ever become constantly updated guidebooks for the use of millions.There has been a decline in the use of the subway system over recent years.And the lowest of low points was the use of five captains in seven Tests in 1988-89.One in 12 people who took part in the survey was without the use of their machine for over a fortnight.the use of animals in scientific experimentsThe ramifications of the wrong use of imagination have to be fully realized before we can hope to control it.use ofIncreased use of fertilizers has led to water pollution.The military has agreed to allow public use of the land.He lost the use of both legs as a result of the accident.Joe's given me the use of his office till he gets back.have/find a use for somethingObviously, Amphi planned to buy the land and find a use for it later.Then they'd have a use for their bunkers.I use the same archetypes storytellers have used for centuries.Mr Macdonald claims the orders will deny traditional fishermen access to areas they have used for generations.More than a decade after DuPont first came up with Biomax, it has yet to find a use for it.In which case he will have use for that thick skin very soon.But out on the court, the big women find a use for these bodies that challenge what society deems feminine.