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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishauthorshipau‧thor‧ship /ˈɔːθəʃɪp $ ˈɒːθər-/ AWL noun [uncountable]  1 WRITEthe fact that you have written a particular book, document etc There’s no evidence to dispute his claim to authorship.authorship of an investigation into the authorship of the Bible2 WRITEAL formal the profession of writing books
Examples from the Corpus
authorshipBoth Democrats and Republicans have claimed authorship of the tax plan.All syllabuses show the effect of many influences and are matters of composite authorship.Berg has denied authorship of the article and refused to comment further.We found out early on that we could have no pride of authorship if we wanted the book to work.His silence about the authorship of the more famous epigram thus amounts almost to a denial that Simonides wrote it.Neither the authorship nor the commission were known to Sotheby's then, and it too had a similarly low estimate.They say I had the vanity to suppose that he and I might one day share the authorship of some literary work.This too is attributed by Bouvet to the authorship of Fu Hsi.It mostly has to do with the authorship of the book.The authorship of the extra biblical gospel attributed to Bartholomew is questionable.