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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcoupletcoup‧let /ˈkʌplɪt/ noun [countable]  ALtwo lines of poetry, one following the other, that are the same length rhyming couplets
Examples from the Corpus
coupleta rhymed coupletThey are mostly stories in rhymed couplets, and their subject is local scenes or people.It consists of two rhymed couplets about a famous person.You could paint that on a board, and underneath we could have a rhyming couplet.She'd laughed her head off at his contribution to the couplet, and now she'd sent it in.Within the couplets that we have examined here, we can affirm, the relationship of the two lines is its unpredictable.The couplet exhibits the parallelism of greater precision, nevertheless in another respect.But how can I explain these allusions or how can I translate these couplets without explanation?The winning couplet in the Kitchen Competition?