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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishelegyel‧e‧gy /ˈelɪdʒi/ noun (plural elegies) [countable]  ALa sad poem or song, especially about someone who has diedeulogy
Examples from the Corpus
elegyBut it is neither an elegy of the novel nor a grim prediction of its imminent demise.Gillian Wearing presents an elegy to one of life's losers.The sonnet is an emotional elegy, and the tone is mournful.a funeral elegyWhat begins as a satiric novel of ideas ends as a surprisingly moving elegy.Mind out! elegy A mournful poem.West's elegy magnifies the warts and the amours, yet gives poetic poignancy to the portraits he draws here.Yet that tiny elegy speaks forward, too, perhaps, to another vanished relatedness, between Martin and his first wife.